Nopalea - The All Natural Drink That Promotes Optimal Health

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Nopalea is a wellness drink that helps protect the body against damaging effects of toxins and excess inflammation. Produced from the Nopal cactus fruit that grows in the desert, the Nopalea drink has been proven to reduce chronic inflammation, detoxify the body and relieve bodily pains. It also improves breathing and enhances optimal health at the cellular level. There are numerous Nopalea reviews by people who have tried the drink and gotten healed from various ailments ranging from autoimmune diseases, skin conditions such as psoriasis, chronic body pains, joint stiffness and swelling, just to name a few.

Modern lifestyle habits continually expose the body to inflammation and it’s been proven that excess inflammation happens to be the cause of many ailments. Inflammation is needed to fight off infections and promote healing when the body goes through injury or other health trauma. However, the level of inflammation should automatically go down after the injury or trauma subsides. The problem arises when inflammation is not cut off and it continues rise, then it becomes a chronic cycle. A lot of people experiencing chronic inflammation may suffer from negative responses such as obesity, insulin resistance, allergies, and inflammation of the blood vessels, something that can cause hypertension. Nopalea acts as anti-inflammatory, helping the body heal itself.

The Nopal cactus fruit used to make the Nopalea drink contains a potent class of antioxidant called betalins. It is the betalins in the Nopalea drink that delivers the astonishing health benefits of helping the body detoxify itself, thereby reducing inflammation. Nopalea ingredients are all natural and therefore have no known Nopalea side effects. Aside of the Nopal fruit, the drink also contains natural and healthful nutrients such as organic Agave syrup, pineapple concentrate, Grape Seed extract and a lot of other specific fruit extracts.

If chronic inflammation is ravaging the body, then drinking Nopalea juice may well serve to protect the body against inflammation’s damaging effects. Below are some of the testimonials from people who have used Nopalea and gotten relief for their health conditions:

• A man from Fort Myers who had suffered from a painful skin condition for 15 years drank Nopalea and after several months, here is what he said: “It’s amazing that God put on the earth a product that provides such great results.”

“Nopalea has given me back a quality of life I thought I would never enjoy again” This is coming from an Ontario resident who was involved in a motor accident that broke many bones in his hip, back and neck. After undergoing many surgeries, the doctors were even concerned that he could be permanently paralyzed. He began taking Nopalea and just after nine months, this man was able to ride a bike and play golf again.

“My body aches were severe and debilitating,” a young lady from Odessa, Texas said. After seven months on a Nopalea regimen, she lost 15 pounds in body weight and was able to exercise for 45 minutes five days a week.

Nopalea is truly an amazing health drink that is offering people quality sleep, energetic lives and most importantly, pain-free everyday living. The Nopalea juice is not sold in stores but people can buy Nopalea from online or by contacting a distributor.

The Effects Of Betalins On Inflamation

InIndividuals who experience inflammation greatly benefit from eating foods rich in antioxidants. Betalains, the main ingredient in the Nopal fruit, is one highly rich source of antioxidants that successfully detoxifies the body and lessens inflammation found in the body. Not very common, Betalains are only found in a few plants around the world and said to be a health-promoting chemical that blocks enzymes that cause inflammation. The fruit within the Napal cactus plant located in deserts is a great source of the Betalain super antioxidant. This cactus plant is commony used to make Nopalea juice. The Betalains found in Nopalea juice work deep into the body's cells, beginning to rid toxins surrounding the cells. This action causes the cells to strengthen and begin the process to repair tissues that have been damaged and reduce inflammation. Nopalea juice rich in Betalains is proven to relieve ailments such as arthrities, swollen joints and chronic pain, all of which are caused from chronic inflammation.

Nopalea Ingredients

Nopalea is a health drink which is manufactured and also marketed by a company called TriVita. The name Nopalea comes from one of the main ingredients in this healthful juice, the Nopal cactus, also called the prickly pear cactus. Some of the ingredients in this cactus that make it so ideal for a health drink and call bioflavonoid. These bioflavonoid have anti-inflammatory as well as antioxidant properties. Anti-inflammatory bioflavonoids, as the name indicates, help to reduce inflammation in the body, and are therefore especially effective to treat the symptoms of arthritis and other similar diseases.

Antioxidants are necessary for the cellular health of the body, as they are able to stabilize free radicals in the body. Everyone has free radicals in their body in the form of unbalanced molecules. These free radicals are caused by air pollution, water pollution, some of the foods we eat, and many of the situations we encounter from day to day. Antioxidants, such as those found in the Nopal cactus, act in such a way as to connect to the extra or radical parts of a cell. This causes the cell to be in balance and decreases the damage that could other wise be done to our bodies by the free radicals.

As Nopalea helps to decrease the inflammation in the body, it simultaneously decreases pain caused by the inflammation. This in turn can help nurture good joint health and also relieve swelling.

There are several other ingredients besides Nopal, found in Nopalea. A few of those ingredients are agave nectar, guava, lemon and peach concentrates, and grape seed, raspberry, strawberry and cranberry extracts. Nopalea also contains green tea extract, stevia, guar gum and xanthum gum.